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Reign of Fire 2002 HD | монгол хэлээр

Reign of Fire 2002 HD | монгол хэлээр

Fight Fire With Fire report Jul. 12, 2002 IE. GB. US. 101 Мин. PG-13
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Кино танилцуулга


Nick Gillard


Ерөнхий агуулга

In post-apocalyptic England, an American volunteer and a British survivor team up to fight off a brood of fire-breathing dragons seeking to return to global dominance after centuries of rest underground. The Brit — leading a clan of survivors to hunt down the King of the Dragons — has much at stake: His mother was killed by a dragon, but his love is still alive.


Жинхэнэ гарчиг Reign of Fire
IMDb Үнэлгээ 6.2 119,686 саналууд
TMDb Үнэлгээ 6 1314 саналууд
Түгээсэн 20

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